Sostenuto Strings repurposes old instrument strings. I designed their brand and website using Figma, HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

This summer I was asked to create a website for Sostenuto Strings, a budding non-profit that would donate used violin, viola, and cello strings to underfunded music programs. Being a musician myself, I was interested in this project and readily agreed to build them a website!

Who Are the Users? What Are They Looking For?

Sostenuto Strings is for musical individuals who have old strings that they don’t use anymore, orchestra or musical organizations who are able to collect old reusable strings, and communities who are looking for affordable ways to…

I used HTML/CSS and Javascript to design and host a website for Measureless, Cornell University’s only Christian coed a cappella group.

Winter break was the perfect time to complete a project I’ve been putting off for a year — creating a website for Measureless, my a cappella group. After holding our first set of Zoom auditions, I realized that having a website would allow potential members to get a better sense of who Measureless is and what we stand for before the online audition.

User Research: Needs and Wants

Our current method of showcasing who we are is through Facebook, but not everyone uses Facebook…

This study focuses on design for iOS.

I use Facebook Messenger all the time, for an embarrassing number of hours per day. But for good reason. Messenger is how I stay in touch with friends and schedule meet-ups. It’s the main hub for a (virtual) social life.

Lately, I’ve been relying on Messenger more and more to organize online gatherings, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. …

Emily Kam

UX Designer at rapStudy

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