I used HTML/CSS and Javascript to design and host a website for Measureless, Cornell University’s only Christian coed a cappella group.

Winter break was the perfect time to complete a project I’ve been putting off for a year — creating a website for Measureless, my a cappella group. After holding our first set of Zoom auditions, I realized that having a website would allow potential members to get a better sense of who Measureless is and what we stand for before the online audition.

User Research: Needs and Wants

Our current method of showcasing who we are is through Facebook, but not everyone uses Facebook…

This study focuses on design for iOS.

I use Facebook Messenger all the time, for an embarrassing number of hours per day. But for good reason. Messenger is how I stay in touch with friends and schedule meet-ups. It’s the main hub for a (virtual) social life.

Lately, I’ve been relying on Messenger more and more to organize online gatherings, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. …

Emily Kam

UX Designer at rapStudy

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